About us

About us

Quality Packaging Services based in Europe

The Austrian-Bulgarian company was founded in 2005 as a joint venture, by Ecopharm Ltd., Bulgaria, and by Genericon Pharma Gesellschaft m.b.H., one of Austria's largest manufacturers of generics.

With currently about 200 employees we pack annually about 800 million solid oral dosage forms in blisters and HDPE cans. Since its foundation, GE Pharmaceuticals Ltd. in Botevgrad, Bulgaria, has increased its production capacity 8 times. In 2015 second manufacturing site was built up as a result of the constant growth of the numbers of clients and packaging orders during the first decade of the company’s inception, with the possibility to double its production capacity.

GE Pharmaceuticals meets all requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Storage Practice (GSP). Over the years we have successfully passed more than 120 audits and re-audits, performed by health authorities and clients.

We are proud of the gratification of our clients in terms of the approximately 50 EU launches, introduced with success. We are exporting to more than 40 markets on 3 continents. As a highly flexible company, we offer much shorter production lead times than most of our competitors.

GE Pharmaceuticals was proclaimed as “Exporter of the year” for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 in the category Largest export revenues – production of medicinal substances and products, organized by exporter.bg and the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy.

About Us
Senior Management

Dedicated to Agility, Reliance and Perfection


Always focused on the completion of customers’ needs

Production Management
Continuous learning and constant training are the basis for the professionalism of our production department, striving for an optimization of the process and implementation of the latest packaging technologies.
About Us
Our customers mostly appreciate the quality, flexibility and reliability of our QC services at a high European level, proven over the time.
About Us
It is our main goal to meet the requirements of our customers in short terms and to keep their satisfaction at the highest level.


GE Pharmaceuticals Ltd. meets all requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Storage Practice (GSP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)
GMP Qualifications
GMP Qualifications

Certification by AGES, Austria

2009, 2012, 2015, 2018, 2022
Bulgarian Drug Agency

2014, 2016, 2019
Ukrainian Health Authorities

Production licenses
Production licenses

Manufacturing/Importation Authorization
Bulgarian Drug Agency

Site for primary and secondary packaging and storage of food supplements
Bulgarian Food Safety Agency


Constructed by proven architects and leading building companies
  • Construction completion: 2006
  • Built-up area: 2 226 m²
  • Production premises: 920 m²
  • “Building of the year 2006” in the category Production buildings
Building 1
  • Construction completion: 2015
  • Built-up area: 3 700 m²
  • Production premises on level I : 945 m²
  • Capability of doubling the production capacity on level II
Building 2